I.T Department

IT Services plays the vital role in the daily operations of a modern company and is absolutely critical for its success. We provide a seamless and professional technical support for 99.9% uninterrupted network and system supervision to our client’s daily IT requirements. We also provide technical assistance from implementation, deployment, monitoring and after sales. Our service also covers coordination and implementation of comprehensive maintenance pertaining to ISP issues.

High Availability Setup

  • Multiple ISP available.
  • High Availability to prevent interruption of daily operations.
  • Anti-DDOS .
  • Application Blocking.
  • Port Forwarding.
  • Technical Assessments to meet your needs.

Setup Your Own Network

  • Can Setup your own network in Data Room
  • Authorize person only to secure your own Network
  • 24/7 Availability

Expand your Room or Operations

  • Dedicated Layer 2 switch and UPS on each room to avoid power fluctuation.
  • Scalable setup that can combined other room to expand your operations.
  • VLAN to separates your departments.
  • Access List to prevent other accessing your Network.
  • CCTV Installation

24/7 Technical Assistance

  • 24/7 Technical Assistance to any network or cabling problem.
  • Can assess you workstation for probable cause of network issues.
  • Can resolve or Add cables to your room at the same day.

24/7 Monitoring of Network

  • MRTG to monitor your room Bandwidth usage.
  • Private IP monitoring for abusive user.
  • Ping Plotter to monitor ISP’s.
  • Immediate technical assistance on your query.